High Rise Window Cleaning is carried out by using one of the following methods:

Reach and Clean to 20 meters

Access Platform (Cherry Picker) to 40 metres

Rope Access (Abseiling) – any height

Reach and Clean

The most popular choice for heights of up to 20 metres (65 feet). Using pure water technology the glass and frames can be cleaned in one operation from the safety of the ground by one operative. Trees and lamposts pose fewer access problems to those of Access Platforms (Cherry Pickers). Overhanging obstructions can restrict cleaning of some windows which can often overcome by cleaning from the inside.

Rope Access (Abseiling)

Rope access is increasingly used in window cleaning at heights over 60 feet. In the first instance an assessment should be made to establish whether rope access is an appropriate method for the task. For all work at height, the most intrinsically safe means of access should always be the first consideration. All operatives should have received training in rope access work and should have appropriate knowledge, experience and practical skills for the type of work being undertaken.Training should be carried out by a competent organisation such as IRATA, and should include assessment of specific skills and knowledge. The training programme should be formalised in both time and performance, and should be assessed by a competent person who did not deliver the training. Training schemes should clearly state the scope of the training provided, the intended duration of certification and any limitations to be observed, either of individual personnel or of working methods. For window cleaning companies to carry out rope access operations safely, it is essential that they are competent for a specific technique.

Access Platform (Cherry Picker)

Cherry pickers, boom lifts, hydraulic platform, man lifts, hoists, are just some of the names used to describe access platforms. Scissor Lift Platforms are available for all application types which need vertical lift and do not require outreach. (Platform height 5 to 15m.) Boom lift platforms are also available in a variety of power systems, these allow the operator to control the equipment whilst on the Boom lift platform. These lifts allow for users to access small areas and confined spaces. (Platform height 10 to 30m.) Truck mounted platforms offer excellent working height and outreach capabilities, combined with variable width jacking and the ability to set up and be operational within minutes of arriving on site. Truck mounted platforms are capable of working heights of up to 42m and outreaches of up to 45m.

Stayclean Service Standards

Stayclean Window Cleaning have worked hard to build an excellent reputation for supplying the highest level of service, whilst keeping our prices at a realistic and competitive level. Stayclean window cleaners are highly skilled, fully insured and extensively trained. Stayclean Window Cleaning are totally committed to the highest health and safety standards. Our record for safety is 100% and we are proud to have been awarded with the prestigious SAFEcontractor accreditation. Stayclean offer an efficient and reliable service and are committed to providing all clients a level of service beyond that typically found in our industry. We always aim to find the most cost effective solution to any window cleaning problem.